Whether you want to host a winter wonderland celebration or you are just decorating for the holiday, the theme is open to an array of decorations. When you display more snow-themed decorations, the winter wonderland room will appear more magical. Inspired by the dazzling blankets of snow, winter wonderland decorations is an opportunity of using anything sparkly or shiny to change the winter drab season to a celebratory atmosphere for family and guests.

Twinkle Lights and Tulle

Sequence white twinkling lights all over your home. The perfect places for twinkle lights include along mantels, at the edges of the tables, windows and on banisters. Bunch a cord of twinkling lights in the frosted glass vase to get a bright centerpiece. Arrange twinkle lights and tulle fabric on ceiling and walls for a magical as well as romantic feeling.

Artificial Snow

Make use of cotton battling or other fake snow-like products for mantels, tables or other areas. Spray your fake snow using spray glitter to get glimmering effect. An alternative for vases and centerpieces is using floral gel crystals. You can get them in floral section of any craft store. To turn it into a snow-like texture, mix the crystal with water. Put it in a bowl and arrange glass Christmas ornaments and candles for a nice festive centerpiece. Buy spray snow which works well on the windows and spray it at the edges and near the corners of the windows to give guest a snowy welcome.


Tasty, juicy fruits are always sweeter during the winter. Display a few classic winter fruits such as persimmons, pomegranates, cranberries, pears and tangerines in a bowl. You can even pile the fruits on a platter. To have a more formal display, put a number of glass craft stones in a tall glass vase then loosely stack the fruit on top.

Glittered Snowflakes

Suspend several snowflakes covered with glitter from ceiling to set up a magical tone. Embellish the white Christmas tree using the glittery snowflakes and dangle them along the mantel and in the windows. You can as well hot glue your snowflakes on a wreath. This will work well for indoors as well as outdoors.


For a frosty appearance, select pearl finish balloons. Another alternative is using balloons that have been printed with snowflakes. Make balloon bouquets as your centerpieces. You may also make use of bouquets to flank main doorway as a festive welcoming for guests. Another alternative is to allow your balloons to float the ceiling. It will serve as a ceiling decoration.

Color Scheme

Use white winter wonderland decorations inside the home. Silver is also an appropriate accent color for winter wonderland theme. Include silver glitter to your decorations for a nice shimmering touch. Another color which is frequently used in the winter wonderland decorations is light blue. Add it in form of the Christmas ball ornaments or other accents. The ball ornaments work best on white Christmas tree and when suspended from your ceiling.

Winter Trees

Collect a few tree limbs along with branches, and then spray or paint them white. Use glitter to spray them or decorate them by wiring bright red berries. You can attach them to wall, put them in pots or hang them from ceiling. Put mirrors near them to from a forest. You can even decorate outside by placing branches as well as limbs in the ground.

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