People who love Christmas often take great pleasure in decorating their homes and their yards each year with outdoor displays that become a focal point for visitors in the neighborhood. Some people like to create very spectacular displays of Christmas outdoor decorations that include many figures and holiday themes used together while others prefer to have a very simple approach.

You may wish to use holiday lights to outline the roof and windows of your home to create an impression of color and light. New types of holiday lights are being created all the time and the newer versions with LED lighting use much less energy than the older incandescent bulbs. You can choose strings of multi-colored lights or you may prefer all your Christmas lights to be a single color. Be sure to have a big Christmas wreath on your front door to welcome visitors and guests to your home.

If you want to have even more holiday decorations in your yard, you can use full sized figures to create wonderful and dramatic scenes. Some people prefer to stress religious themes in their outdoor Christmas decorations while others like to emphasize the more commercial aspects of modern Christmas such as Santa Claus.

Anyone who wants to have an outdoor Christmas display featuring a religious theme will probably want to recreate a full size manger scene featuring the baby Jesus with His family. The Christmas manger scene can include a visit from the Three Magi or shepherds. If possible, some barnyard animals such as a donkey and a sheep should be included. The presence of angels is usually an important part of outdoor religious Christmas displays.

If you want Santa Claus to be your theme for your outdoor display, you can use a giant inflatable version of Santa or you can have a full size figure that looks more realistic. This can be accompanied by several figures of full size reindeer.

Another popular theme for outdoor holiday decorating at Christmas time is that of a snowman. If you live in an area with a lot of snowfall you may be able to create a real snowman just for the holidays. However, there are many kinds of snowman decorations available in stores for use outdoors. The inflatable snowman decorations have the advantage of taking up very little storage space after the holiday season is over.

Of course, the main focus of Christmas decorations is the lighting. Even the most beautiful Christmas decorations outdoors will not be effective if they are not properly lit. This means that floodlights should be directed to light up the most essential parts of the decorations if they are not already supplied with internal lighting.

If you have an evergreen tree in your front yard, be sure to make it an important part of your Christmas outdoor decorations. It will look very beautiful if is is covered with colorful Christmas lights from top to bottom. This looks especially pretty if the tree is lit up during a gentle snowfall.
Whether you want to host a winter wonderland celebration or you are just decorating for the holiday, the theme is open to an array of decorations. When you display more snow-themed decorations, the winter wonderland room will appear more magical. Inspired by the dazzling blankets of snow, winter wonderland decorations is an opportunity of using anything sparkly or shiny to change the winter drab season to a celebratory atmosphere for family and guests.

Twinkle Lights and Tulle

Sequence white twinkling lights all over your home. The perfect places for twinkle lights include along mantels, at the edges of the tables, windows and on banisters. Bunch a cord of twinkling lights in the frosted glass vase to get a bright centerpiece. Arrange twinkle lights and tulle fabric on ceiling and walls for a magical as well as romantic feeling.

Artificial Snow

Make use of cotton battling or other fake snow-like products for mantels, tables or other areas. Spray your fake snow using spray glitter to get glimmering effect. An alternative for vases and centerpieces is using floral gel crystals. You can get them in floral section of any craft store. To turn it into a snow-like texture, mix the crystal with water. Put it in a bowl and arrange glass Christmas ornaments and candles for a nice festive centerpiece. Buy spray snow which works well on the windows and spray it at the edges and near the corners of the windows to give guest a snowy welcome.


Tasty, juicy fruits are always sweeter during the winter. Display a few classic winter fruits such as persimmons, pomegranates, cranberries, pears and tangerines in a bowl. You can even pile the fruits on a platter. To have a more formal display, put a number of glass craft stones in a tall glass vase then loosely stack the fruit on top.

Glittered Snowflakes

Suspend several snowflakes covered with glitter from ceiling to set up a magical tone. Embellish the white Christmas tree using the glittery snowflakes and dangle them along the mantel and in the windows. You can as well hot glue your snowflakes on a wreath. This will work well for indoors as well as outdoors.


For a frosty appearance, select pearl finish balloons. Another alternative is using balloons that have been printed with snowflakes. Make balloon bouquets as your centerpieces. You may also make use of bouquets to flank main doorway as a festive welcoming for guests. Another alternative is to allow your balloons to float the ceiling. It will serve as a ceiling decoration.

Color Scheme

Use white winter wonderland decorations inside the home. Silver is also an appropriate accent color for winter wonderland theme. Include silver glitter to your decorations for a nice shimmering touch. Another color which is frequently used in the winter wonderland decorations is light blue. Add it in form of the Christmas ball ornaments or other accents. The ball ornaments work best on white Christmas tree and when suspended from your ceiling.

Winter Trees

Collect a few tree limbs along with branches, and then spray or paint them white. Use glitter to spray them or decorate them by wiring bright red berries. You can attach them to wall, put them in pots or hang them from ceiling. Put mirrors near them to from a forest. You can even decorate outside by placing branches as well as limbs in the ground.

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Just like everyone else, surely, you are so excited about the month of December. Why is that so? Simple; December means Christmas! As a matter of fact, a lot of people are so excited about Christmas that they tend to do their traditions for the season a month in advance. One of which would be the act of beautifying the entire household with magnificent Christmas decors. Well, decorating for Christmas has always been a practiced tradition by the Victorians during the early 1900's. Since then, it had been spread throughout the globe, particularly to Christian communities. As a highlight to the whole decorating galore, Christmas tree toppers have always been the real deal. By being able to pick the right Christmas tree topper for the season, decorating the entire household should be a lot easier and fun.

Christmas Tree Toppers To Make Decorating Trouble-free

What is the very first principle when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas? Well, you definitely have to have a theme for it. Why? Because the theme will be what your decorations are all about. In other words, beautifying your home through Christmas decorations is like creating a story; there needs to be a main character, secondary ones and, of course a plot. So, choosing a Christmas tree topper is like choosing a theme which means you need to be wise in picking one up. Perhaps your selection should be in accordance to what your preferences are and the certain type of festivity that you want for Christmas this year.

Different Christmas Tree Toppers to Choose From

Before, toppers for Christmas trees were only limited to simple ornaments made out of thick carton or plastic or synthetic materials. Nowadays, they are made available in rather innovative forms which would cater features like being glow in the dark, integrated with LED lighting technology and so on. However, you do not really have to adhere to what's in with modern decorating trends. Instead, stick to what you stand for. If you want things to be simple for Christmas because you believe that simplicity is beauty, then the traditional tree toppers should be enough to give your Christmas tree an elegant projection. On another note, if something up-to-the-minute is what you seek, then you should go for the latest tree toppers available in the market these days. Whichever way you want to go, either way, you're making the right choice.

Theme Based on Tree Toppers

As mentioned, Christmas tree toppers serve as themes for the decorative yuletide trees. If you want your children to have a peak of the life of Jesus Christ, the tree topper of your choice should be the miniature Jesus Christ tree topper. If you want your kids to believe that there will be gifts endowed to them for Christmas if they keep good, then the Santa Claus tree topper would be a nice pick. Furthermore, there are so many options to choose from that work as great themes for your Christmas tree and household decorating venture.

Rather than always looking through what's in your local area stores, you can try visiting the web. That way, you can see more choices available that are unique and fabulous. Moreover, a Christmas tree topper will always be a wonderful item to start your decorating galore with.
For the eco-friendly home owner, who loves to decorate during the holiday season, you will love the concept of choosing new solar Christmas lights for your home. Not only can you still find the great colors, single set lights, and styles of lights you love for your home, you will also find they are going to run far less energy during the holiday season, no matter how long you use the lights, or when you start to decorate the home for the holidays. Whether you choose to add them to the indoor settings, outdoors, or both, you will save when running the lights, and you will get the styles of lighting and color options you want, when you turn to new solar Christmas lights for your home this year.

Since the lights are going to run on solar energy during the day, and store this up overnight, you will find that they are not running on nearly as much electric power as the older lights you used to use around the home are running on. This means you are going to save on the electric cost, you are not going to drain as much during the holidays, and you are going to do something good for the environment, all while getting to decorate the home in the manner you want, and with the decor and the themes that you want to decorate when you are getting ready for the holiday season this coming year. Although the new solar Christmas lights set might be a bit more expensive than older lighting, they last longer, and over the year, you will find that they are going to be well worth it, due to the savings you are going to see on utility bills during the holiday months.

Regardless of how much you are going to decorate, how big your property is, or what colors and styles you want to go with for the lighting of the home, there are many styles and options to consider when you choose to go with the eco-friendly route for lighting this holiday season. You do not have to limit yourself to single color bulbs, or one strand of lighting; as there are so many options to choose from when you go with solar Christmas lights, you can do what you want around the home, and still get the decor style you want, without having to pay such a high charge to run the lights during the months you choose to decorate the home.

When choosing your holiday decor this year, if you want to find an eco-friendly, and lower cost option to traditional lighting, you will find that solar Christmas lights sets are the way to go. You have all colors, styles, and types of lighting to go with for the home, and you are going to learn they will run you much less on the electric bills, during the end of the year when you choose to decorate the home.

If you are planning to give your bathroom a new and stylish look during this festive season of Christmas then look for the shower curtain. Replacing the old curtains with some of the cheapest and brand new Christmas shower curtains is a good option this season. You have a large variety of these curtains available online which can become a tricky job to choose. Listed below are some of the tips that can help you to get your perfect and best curtain at an affordable price.

1) Layout and Design

Stores have various layouts especially for the Christmas, in the form of a snowman, Santa Claus and Christmas trees. Try to figure out the most like and favored design of the curtains, by asking your family members and taking their suggestions. You can also look for the most popular reindeer layouts and consider them before you buy any contemporary designs.

2) Shower Curtain Accessories

The classic design shower curtain is hung through the holes which are on the top of theses curtains; whereas some of the modern Christmas shower curtains have different hook designs for hanging them. Look out for these small shower curtain accessories as they can enhance the charm and beauty of your festive preparations.

3) Material Used

The material used in the preparation of these shower curtains is an important factor to consider while purchasing them. The Christmas shower curtains should be made up of water repellent material, as it will prevent them from being infested with mildew. So if you have sensitive skins then buy a good quality shower curtain. A good quality shower curtain also gives you more durability and catches less dirt in respect to the low quality shower curtains.

4) Right Size

The size of the shower curtain should perfectly cover the whole shower area of your bathroom. This will prevent your whole bathroom from being wet after your shower. Along with the width of your shower curtain the height should also be kept in mind as too long or too short curtains can destroy the beauty of your bathroom and thus the festive season.

5) Find the Best Deal

If you are in search of some perfect Christmas shower curtains then try to invest time in your searches. Find stores which are selling the shower curtains and compare the prices between them. The best option is to go online and search for the Christmas deals for these curtains, as some of the stores often announce festive discount bonanza. Also don't forget your nearby malls as they may also give you heavy discounts. Before you make a purchase check out for their business through some of the local business directories and opt the stores which have high business standards.

If you effectively follow the above mentioned five tips then purchasing the right and most suited Christmas shower curtains for your bathroom will no more be a tough job. Just keep in mind your loved designs, the right size and the best discount price offered, to make your purchase add joy to this Christmas celebration.

The Christmas decorating is incomplete without including a variety of Christmas ornaments. These ornaments add an extra touch to the whole decoration pattern. There are a plenty of bright and gorgeous ornaments available in the market. Though they are affordable and look decent, still you can also add a few homemade ornaments to add more attraction to the celebration. The whole family including the kids can join these activities. This will develop the creative instincts in them as they grow up. Here are some ideas of getting ornaments from stores as well as homemade to complete your Christmas decorations.


Baubles are generally round objects placed on various places like the Christmas tree, in the house, on the trees in the garden area etc. They are made of different kind of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, glass and ceramics. They are readily available in the market and if you want, you can create them at home using a ball and some decorative materials. The glass baubles are available in various sizes and great to look at considering their shiny finishing and bright color. Nowadays the baubles are available in many different shapes.

You can create out your own bauble at home. Take a plastic ball and cover it with a glossy and colorful paper. Hang it to a place of your choice by pasting a thread to it. You can also put some quality glue on it and cover it fully with some silver or golden shiny powder, readily available in the market. You can also tie some colorful ribbons on it.

Glass Ornaments

There are several glass ornaments available in the market, having unique look and artistic touch. There are hanging bells, lamps, balls and many other objects. You can hang them at a greater height to prevent the children playing with these items and hurting themselves. They are affordable and easily available in all leading stores.

Tree Toppers

The tree topper ornament is part of the decoration of the Christmas tree. They are made of ceramic paper, and other distinct objects. Most common is the star and the angel structure. They add beauty to the simple Christmas tree along with other small ornaments such as the objects placed to reveal shapes like the fruits and nuts hanging on them.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Snowflakes: The most simple of the homemade ornament is the snowflakes. It is easy to make and good for indoor decorations. Take some glossy papers and cut them randomly into small pieces to reveal as if snowfall has occurred on the gifts, Christmas tree and the table area.

Hanging Ornaments: You can create many hanging objects of various shapes and sizes for Christmas decorations. You can take some metal wires and put beads of many colors randomly in the wire to keep them intact. Now fold the wire to form structures like stars, bells etc.

Take some ice cream sticks and paint them with desired color to make snowboards, signboards etc.

Take some bells from previous year's decor items and add sequins in fine order of various color combos using fine quality adhesive to provide a special look and add it to this year's collection of décor items.

Planning for Christmas is something that should be done as early as possible. The whole house needs to be decorated so that the Christmas feeling lingers all over your home…This means that you will have to decorate every room, even the bathroom! Now who said the bathroom cannot be decorated for Christmas? As a matter of fact, there are thousands of Christmas bathroom decor for you to choose from. If there is any place you can decorate without limits, it is the bathroom. I will give tips on how to use the decor effectively so that the bathroom looks attractive.

There are different shower curtains out in the market which are specifically designed for Christmas. These curtains usually have Christmas themes like for instance pictures of Santa Claus or Christmas ribbons. Any theme that feels like Christmas will work just fine. So go ahead and look for something that you will like for this festive season.

Another place you should try with your Christmas bathroom decor is the toilet. There are different Christmas covers for toilets which will completely transform your bathroom. Wrap your toilet completely with the cover that has Santa on it or one that shows a small family playing out on the snow! You will remember its Christmas every time you visit the toilet. Your guests will also adapt to the Christmas feeling once they make the same visit.

Whenever people go to the bathroom they have to wash their hands and dry them. So here is another tip; look for towels with Christmas embroidery. Fold them perfectly and place them next to the sink. This is one Christmas bathroom decor you should never miss. A towel with green red and white colors will do just fine, but for an added advantage remember to look for something that has people or animals as well so that the exact Christmas message is passed on.

Holiday lights are a must have on your bathroom shelf. We all know that the lights mean it is Christmas time! That is reason enough for you to add it on for your Christmas bathroom decor. To compliment its presence, go shopping for Christmas products and change the content of your shelf so that the whole shelf will reflect that it is time for Christmas.

Whenever Christmas is near, pictures of the holiday are hung out for sale all over the place. Choose some which you can afford and hang them on your bathroom walls. Another alternative is to add the cards you received from the previous season. I am sure the people who gave them to you will be touched when they see you still treasure their greetings.

The mats you place beside the bathroom and the bathtub should also compliment the rest of the room. Do not be shy to use your imagination. Go for something silver for a mat and red for the other. This will be by the best Christmas bathroom decor you ever put in place. It will always be a holiday season to remember.
Snowman decorations are a great choice for cold weather decor. There are plenty of options for both indoor and outdoor display. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and there are snowman decorations available for every budget. They can be displayed with Christmas decorations, but also have the longevity to remain appropriate for display throughout the rest of the winter season. There are many choices for snow individuals, snow couples or entire snow families.

Some winters include more snow than others, but outdoor snowman decorations ensure some wintry sparkle in your landscaping regardless of the weather. Outdoor snowman decorations include inflatable pieces such as a giant waving snowman or a group of snow people standing in a snow globe. There are also battery operated snowmen that light up. This type of outdoor decor usually features LED lighting and a wide variety of color options. You can even purchase outdoor snowmen that change color. Musical walkway snowman stake lights are another outdoor option.

You can also adapt existing outdoor features for the season. You can easily transform a lamplight into a friendly snowman face by using the white globe as the face and putting a black top hat on top of it. At that point, you are only missing the cheerful smile, which you can create by using a multitude of craft materials you have at home. For those who don’t want to make a do-it-yourself snowman lamplight, there are premade decorative covers available.

You can also string snowman lights on the live trees in your backyard. If you would rather not string lights in your trees, you can hang sparkly outdoor snowflake decorations as a nice whimsical background for any outdoor snowmen. A final outdoor option that uses existing backyard elements is to decorate fence posts to look like individual snowmen, or to use real snowfall to build your own spontaneous snowmen.

Indoors, there are snowmen decorations available for every room of the house. In the bathroom, you can hang a snowman shower curtain and lay down a snowman bath mat. You can also display snowman toilet paper holders, soap dispensers, and towels.

In the dining room, you can feature snowman tablecloths, place mats, plates, mugs, cake pedestals, and centerpieces. You can even use disposable snowman paper wear. You can decorate the windows with snow can spray, while the children can pull cotton balls apart and display them as a snowy backdrop.

In the kitchen, you can use snowmen stove top covers, dishcloths, and towels. You can create delicious snowmen recipes using food such as popcorn, doughnut holes, and marshmallows. You can also make a lighthearted display by filling a clear canister with marshmallows and labeling it as snowman "poop."

In the living room, you can display icy snowman fountains, fiber optic lights, and snowman pillows, blankets, and throws. This is another great spot to use a snowman area rug. Many candles and candle holders feature snowman designs. Existing pictures or paintings can temporarily trade spaces with snowmen paintings. Personal photographs of your family building a snowman are also a great addition to this themed decor.

Holiday decorating often begins with trimming the tree. Haul out the ornaments, hang the Christmas lights, and top the tree with a shiny star. Whether you choose homemade ornaments or sophisticated adornments to embellish your tree, this holiday decoration will be a cheery focal point for friends and family to gather at during the holidays. Once you’ve trimmed the tree, you can begin adding holiday accents to tables, mantels, and walls. Homemade decorations are the perfect way to add a personal touch to the decorating, and the best part is you don’t have to spend a lot to make your home a winter wonderland.

Create the perfect centerpiece by gathering an assortment of pillar candles and then embellishing them with ribbons and glitter. You can transform a candle by coating it with glitter. Apply adhesive spray to the length of the candle, and then roll the candle in red, green or gold glitter. You can also embellish a pillar candle with peppermint sticks or cinnamon sticks. Use ribbons sparingly; it is not necessary to tie a ribbon around each candle. Once you are satisfied with your candles, place them on the glass platter. Lay the newly made holiday decoration on a table runner for a distinctive look.

Walls will look jolly with framed vintage Christmas pictures. You can find vintage Christmas pictures online or on Christmas cards. If you prefer, you could frame pictures of past Christmases. Hang the pictures in the shape of a Christmas tree by placing one frame at the top, two on the next row, and so on. A “Happy Holidays” sign can be made with a wood board, some paint, and vinyl lettering. After your board is painted, buff the edges of your sign with sandpaper for a shabby chic look. When your sign is complete, hang it below the pictures. Your friends and family are sure to be impressed with this merry display.

No Christmas countdown is complete without an Advent calendar. For a unique Advent calendar, try this: Find a large frame, and string five rows of ribbon across the frame evenly. Gather and then paint 25 clothespins. Adorn each painted clothespin with a button or ribbon. Next you will need 25 envelopes of various shapes, sizes and colors. Label each envelope from one to twenty-five, and then place a story or activity in each envelope. Pin the envelopes to the ribbon on your frame with the clothespins. Place five envelopes per line, and space them evenly. Your family will look forward to opening an envelope each day; this holiday decoration is a guaranteed favorite.

For a tasty holiday decoration, bake some gingerbread men or make a gingerbread house. Decorate them with colorful candies. You can display these, but don’t be surprised if they disappear. However you choose to decorate, remember that decking the halls is a holiday tradition that doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, decking the halls can be a fun, family affair you look forward to each year. Festive wreaths, colorful centerpieces, and homemade confections are things that can be easily made and enjoyed throughout the season. Keep in mind that a holiday decoration makes a great gift for family and friends. As you make decorations for your home, make a few extra for loved ones.