People who love Christmas often take great pleasure in decorating their homes and their yards each year with outdoor displays that become a focal point for visitors in the neighborhood. Some people like to create very spectacular displays of Christmas outdoor decorations that include many figures and holiday themes used together while others prefer to have a very simple approach.

You may wish to use holiday lights to outline the roof and windows of your home to create an impression of color and light. New types of holiday lights are being created all the time and the newer versions with LED lighting use much less energy than the older incandescent bulbs. You can choose strings of multi-colored lights or you may prefer all your Christmas lights to be a single color. Be sure to have a big Christmas wreath on your front door to welcome visitors and guests to your home.

If you want to have even more holiday decorations in your yard, you can use full sized figures to create wonderful and dramatic scenes. Some people prefer to stress religious themes in their outdoor Christmas decorations while others like to emphasize the more commercial aspects of modern Christmas such as Santa Claus.

Anyone who wants to have an outdoor Christmas display featuring a religious theme will probably want to recreate a full size manger scene featuring the baby Jesus with His family. The Christmas manger scene can include a visit from the Three Magi or shepherds. If possible, some barnyard animals such as a donkey and a sheep should be included. The presence of angels is usually an important part of outdoor religious Christmas displays.

If you want Santa Claus to be your theme for your outdoor display, you can use a giant inflatable version of Santa or you can have a full size figure that looks more realistic. This can be accompanied by several figures of full size reindeer.

Another popular theme for outdoor holiday decorating at Christmas time is that of a snowman. If you live in an area with a lot of snowfall you may be able to create a real snowman just for the holidays. However, there are many kinds of snowman decorations available in stores for use outdoors. The inflatable snowman decorations have the advantage of taking up very little storage space after the holiday season is over.

Of course, the main focus of Christmas decorations is the lighting. Even the most beautiful Christmas decorations outdoors will not be effective if they are not properly lit. This means that floodlights should be directed to light up the most essential parts of the decorations if they are not already supplied with internal lighting.

If you have an evergreen tree in your front yard, be sure to make it an important part of your Christmas outdoor decorations. It will look very beautiful if is is covered with colorful Christmas lights from top to bottom. This looks especially pretty if the tree is lit up during a gentle snowfall.

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