Snowman decorations are a great choice for cold weather decor. There are plenty of options for both indoor and outdoor display. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and there are snowman decorations available for every budget. They can be displayed with Christmas decorations, but also have the longevity to remain appropriate for display throughout the rest of the winter season. There are many choices for snow individuals, snow couples or entire snow families.

Some winters include more snow than others, but outdoor snowman decorations ensure some wintry sparkle in your landscaping regardless of the weather. Outdoor snowman decorations include inflatable pieces such as a giant waving snowman or a group of snow people standing in a snow globe. There are also battery operated snowmen that light up. This type of outdoor decor usually features LED lighting and a wide variety of color options. You can even purchase outdoor snowmen that change color. Musical walkway snowman stake lights are another outdoor option.

You can also adapt existing outdoor features for the season. You can easily transform a lamplight into a friendly snowman face by using the white globe as the face and putting a black top hat on top of it. At that point, you are only missing the cheerful smile, which you can create by using a multitude of craft materials you have at home. For those who don’t want to make a do-it-yourself snowman lamplight, there are premade decorative covers available.

You can also string snowman lights on the live trees in your backyard. If you would rather not string lights in your trees, you can hang sparkly outdoor snowflake decorations as a nice whimsical background for any outdoor snowmen. A final outdoor option that uses existing backyard elements is to decorate fence posts to look like individual snowmen, or to use real snowfall to build your own spontaneous snowmen.

Indoors, there are snowmen decorations available for every room of the house. In the bathroom, you can hang a snowman shower curtain and lay down a snowman bath mat. You can also display snowman toilet paper holders, soap dispensers, and towels.

In the dining room, you can feature snowman tablecloths, place mats, plates, mugs, cake pedestals, and centerpieces. You can even use disposable snowman paper wear. You can decorate the windows with snow can spray, while the children can pull cotton balls apart and display them as a snowy backdrop.

In the kitchen, you can use snowmen stove top covers, dishcloths, and towels. You can create delicious snowmen recipes using food such as popcorn, doughnut holes, and marshmallows. You can also make a lighthearted display by filling a clear canister with marshmallows and labeling it as snowman "poop."

In the living room, you can display icy snowman fountains, fiber optic lights, and snowman pillows, blankets, and throws. This is another great spot to use a snowman area rug. Many candles and candle holders feature snowman designs. Existing pictures or paintings can temporarily trade spaces with snowmen paintings. Personal photographs of your family building a snowman are also a great addition to this themed decor.

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