The Christmas decorating is incomplete without including a variety of Christmas ornaments. These ornaments add an extra touch to the whole decoration pattern. There are a plenty of bright and gorgeous ornaments available in the market. Though they are affordable and look decent, still you can also add a few homemade ornaments to add more attraction to the celebration. The whole family including the kids can join these activities. This will develop the creative instincts in them as they grow up. Here are some ideas of getting ornaments from stores as well as homemade to complete your Christmas decorations.


Baubles are generally round objects placed on various places like the Christmas tree, in the house, on the trees in the garden area etc. They are made of different kind of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, glass and ceramics. They are readily available in the market and if you want, you can create them at home using a ball and some decorative materials. The glass baubles are available in various sizes and great to look at considering their shiny finishing and bright color. Nowadays the baubles are available in many different shapes.

You can create out your own bauble at home. Take a plastic ball and cover it with a glossy and colorful paper. Hang it to a place of your choice by pasting a thread to it. You can also put some quality glue on it and cover it fully with some silver or golden shiny powder, readily available in the market. You can also tie some colorful ribbons on it.

Glass Ornaments

There are several glass ornaments available in the market, having unique look and artistic touch. There are hanging bells, lamps, balls and many other objects. You can hang them at a greater height to prevent the children playing with these items and hurting themselves. They are affordable and easily available in all leading stores.

Tree Toppers

The tree topper ornament is part of the decoration of the Christmas tree. They are made of ceramic paper, and other distinct objects. Most common is the star and the angel structure. They add beauty to the simple Christmas tree along with other small ornaments such as the objects placed to reveal shapes like the fruits and nuts hanging on them.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Snowflakes: The most simple of the homemade ornament is the snowflakes. It is easy to make and good for indoor decorations. Take some glossy papers and cut them randomly into small pieces to reveal as if snowfall has occurred on the gifts, Christmas tree and the table area.

Hanging Ornaments: You can create many hanging objects of various shapes and sizes for Christmas decorations. You can take some metal wires and put beads of many colors randomly in the wire to keep them intact. Now fold the wire to form structures like stars, bells etc.

Take some ice cream sticks and paint them with desired color to make snowboards, signboards etc.

Take some bells from previous year's decor items and add sequins in fine order of various color combos using fine quality adhesive to provide a special look and add it to this year's collection of décor items.

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